Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Company monthly birthday celebration (Eatz Catering,Deli Hub Catering,Curry Pot Catering,Casuarina Curry,Eatzi Gourmet,Fostre Catering,Tim Catering

Every month without failed I have to organise birthday celebration for those who birthday fall on that month. Is not easy to search for good caterer. Have tried many different catering service. some are very good .... some are so so .... This birthday celebration started since May. I only cater for halal caterer because there are Malay colleagues in my office. For May birthday catering no photo due to lousy service but the food wise is ok.... cater from Eatz Catering deliver time state 5pm but they came at 6.30pm. at 1st 5.15pm we called the delivery man and he said he is just outside the main road but they reached abt 6.30pm OMG! by than all my colleagues had went home..Left over too much food and we have to packed home. Maybe I will give them a try again next round.

June birthday we cater from Deli Hub Catering the food, service and presentation is thumbs up! Birthday cake we order the cake from The Royals is delicious!

July/Aug birthday we cater from Curry Pot Catering  the food, service and presentation is thumbs up! Birthday cake from Sweetest Moments very pretty and delicious .. everyone "wow" 

September birthday we cater from Casuarina Currysomething interesting .. Prata On The Spot, a catering service to make prata on your doorstep! food is yummy! thumbs up! cake we order from The Royals
  October birthday we cater Kebab from Ashraf Hamdoun you call also give him a call @ Ashraf 90174612. His service good and food is delicious. as for the buffet catering and cake we cater from Eatzi Gourmet food and presentation is thumps up too!

November birthday we cater from Fostre Catering  the food, service and presentation thumbs up! their Soup ... SUPER GOOD!

December birthday and Christmas Celebration we cater from Tim Delight the food is no too salty..no deco and is just plain buffet presentation. you can view it in the pic below. 

To Be Continue ...... in Year 2014!


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